Friday, July 3, 2009

Ultrasound Day!

July 2, 2010
It's ultrasound day! Of course, the appointment isn't until 3:15 in the afternoon, so I get all day to stress about it. Wonderful husband took the afternoon off to meet me there, and in we went. I checked in and pondered whether or not I would have to pee into a cup. Seriously.

When you walk into the waiting area it says :Expectant mothers please have a urine sample ready before you register. Does that apply to me? Technically, yes. But no one told me to go pee in the little cup. Well, technically the sign did. But what if I do it and then they don't need it? Should I ask the lady at the window? She'll probably give me one of those are-you-stupid-stares. She wasn't very nice when I first checked in. So I won't do it and then I will say I didn't realize I needed to even though the big sign was staring me right in the face.

My name gets called and the nurse leads us to the scale where I get my weight and blood pressure measured. Big surprise, I've lost a few pounds! (That was sarcasm.) Not being able to keep food down and feeling so nauseated that I can't eat anything kinda does that to a person. Well, my belly has grown a little bit, so something must be going right.

We are told to wait in the little room for the doctor and we debate over whether or not it's the same room as before. Eventually the doctor comes in bringing her machine. She introduces herself then thinks about it and realizes we've met and talked multiple times before. She pulls up my records and comments that she should have reviewed these before she came in. Then we get down to business with the ultrasound. She asks if I am still having pain from my cyst, and since I'm not I'm hoping it has disappeared. She finds it with the ultrasound machine and it's actually grown a little bit. I guess that would help explain the swollen belly. Then she finds the baby! It's this little white blob surrounded by a big dark mass, kind of hiding in the right corner of the darkness. She focuses on it and points out the heartbeat. I'm like, what? Then I see it! It's this quickly pulsating white dot in the middle of the little white blob. Husband sees it too and we smile at each other. The doctor spends some time trying to get a clearer shot of the baby so she can measure. This actually took a while and she kept having to rotate the machine piece to find it. She says everything looks perfectly normal and gives me a due date of February 17. Husband and I head out excited. We figured after we made sure it was alive we would let the world know.

We walk back to our separate cars to drive home. Before I leave the parking lot though, I have to make some phone calls. My mother really wanted to know how it went and had asked me to call her right after the appointment. I gave her a quick call to let her know everything was ok. Same thing with one of my best girlfriends. At the same time I get a text from another friend asking how I was feeling. Everyone knew I had been sick, but weren't quite clear on the reason. Anyway, she figured it out and was sworn to secrecy until we figure out how to tell that circle of friends.

And home I went, to go lay on the couch and feel sick again.

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