Monday, July 6, 2009

Migraines and McDonald's

July 6, 2010
I was able to hold myself together through the Fourth of July festivities pretty well, but woke up with a migraine the next morning because I probably pushed myself too much. I can't wait until the the first trimester is over.

Today was yet another doctor's appointment. Technically, this was my first scheduled appointment, but I ended up going in earlier for various reasons. Read the other blogs for more info.

Husband, of course, took the day off to go with me. I had been wanting a sausage mcmuffin with egg, so we went through the drive though and ate on the way to the hospital. (Side note: I had really planned to eat healthy throughout my pregnancy so I wouldn't gain too much weight and the baby would be healthy, but that kinda went out the window when morning sickness kicked in. Right now I tend to eat whatever doesn't make me throw up. Although, what is good for lunch can make me throw up at dinner, so I kind of just play it by ear even though it frustrates my husband. I mean, I was fine with it earlier, so why can't he reheat leftovers? Apparently we already have a picky baby.)

We checked in and they handed us a huge packet of paperwork to fill out. This was all the important family information that could possibly affect our baby. It contained questions such as: do you smoke, do you drink, have you done drugs, is there a history of diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. I filled those out and then met with the nurse/midwife lady who went over the do's and don'ts. This was actually the first helpful appointment. She gave me five bazillion packets all about pregnancy, and briefly went over each one. No more albacore tuna and alfalfa sprouts for me. She also said I could take a children's multivitamin with iron instead of the prenatal ones I have to help with the morning sickness. Then she scheduled me for my next appointment at the end of the month and gave me a little cup to pee in and bring to the next appointment. Next, she sent me down to the lab to get my blood drawn.

The lab was really crowded today. This was the fourth time I've been there, so I figure I have some expertise in the area. I checked in and was given another urine cup and was told to give a sample. The nurse also complimented my shirt, which made me smile. My number was called to have my blood drawn. Take note, this was the fourth time I have had to have my blood drawn. The first three were to check my HCG levels. This time was to check for genetic stuff or something, I'm really not sure. But don't you think they could have combined it with another of my blood draws?

Anyway, previously they had poked me and filled a little vial and I was done. Today, he filled three little vials and one big one! My arm is still sore. I asked him what each vial was for, and he said, "For your pregnancy." No, really? I was curious as to the specifics, like this one is going to be checked for cystic fibrosis, and this one is going to bank A, etc. I told husband this and he suggested that maybe the nurse really had no idea. He was just there to draw the blood and send it off. Maybe.

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