Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am OnLine

July 7, 2009
I signed up to my hospital's online capabilities. It lets me check my labs, email my doctor, and make appointments. Pretty neat, actually. Well, not so much for me. Remember my million vials of blood and the urine test? The lab results were posted, so with my nonexistent expertise I analyzed them to determine what each item meant. I was normal in everything except for an abundance of white blood cells in my blood (White blood cells indicate an infection. You are supposed to have some, but much more red than white.), and some other medical term wrong with my urine. According to the website, this means that I have a urinary tract infection. Feel free to google it. I guess pregnant women are sometimes more prone because the uterus is expanding and impacting the urinary tract, slowing everything down, and thus bacteria can grow. Hmm, that would explain a few things. I thought that this was just how I was supposed to feel during pregnancy. I mean, I've never done this before! (Keep in mind that I came to this conclusion all on my own, with no medical expertise.)

OK, so now what do I do? The websites say I am supposed to be treated. This is a serious thing. I have e. coli growing in me! Do I call the doctor? Do I wait for the doctor to call me? Maybe I did jump to conclusions. I'll wait til tomorrow, and if nobody calls, then I'll call in.

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