Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Leg Cramps

September 2, 2009
Leg cramps, also known as "Charlie Horse," have been plaguing me lately. The past couple of nights I have been awakened by excruciating pain shooting through my calf muscles. Last night was the right leg. The night before was the left leg. Any guesses about tonight?

I googled muscle cramps during pregnancy (because I google everything!), and this is totally normal. Who knew? This symptom was definitely not mentioned in my What to Expect book! I thought it was supposed to cover every symptom. I'm very disappointed. Anyway, the next logical step would be to determine the cause of these cramps and find a solution. Well, google was not very helpful. Apparently the cause is unknown, and solutions are pretty basic (massage the muscles, drink lots of water, relax, etc). Where is my miracle cure? I know, on the same shelf as the no-more-morning-sickness tonic.

This is very frustrating to me. My nights now consist of waking up at least three times to urinate and once more to roll around and attempt to relax my overly tightened leg muscles. Now, getting up to pee was fine. No big deal. I can practically use the toilet in my sleep. Come to think about it, I probably have lately. But with these leg cramps I actually wake myself up completely and get some adrenaline going while I writhe in bed. Anyone wonder why I am tired and cranky and want to go to bed at seven every night?

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