Thursday, September 3, 2009

Swelling and Peeing

September 3, 2009
Last night I took preventative measures. Husband graciously massaged my calf muscles, and I stretched them out as best as I could. I also took my prenatal vitamin before going to bed since google had also recommended calcium and magnesium. So did it work? Yes! I did not wake up in the middle of the night writhing in pain (only to pee a bazillion times). I am going to attempt to recreate the situation tonight. Husband was already warned.

Today I also experienced swelling for the first time. My hands and feet swelled. I think it was a combination of being pregnant, the heat, and not enough water. I noticed that my fingers were quite large, and I couldn't take my wedding ring off. Normally I can slide it off pretty easily, but today it was stuck. I looked down at my feet, and they also looked a little wider. After I got off of work I was able to sit and gulped down as many fluids as I could. My fingers and feet returned to normal.

I had another first today as well. I was driving home and I seriously had to pee! Before I got in the car I thought about going, but I had gone about fifteen minutes prior, so I figured I could drive home. Well, I started driving and realized I couldn't wait that long. I contemplated all the places I could stop on the way home. Starbucks? McDonald's? Could I wait to get to my parents' house (they are about halfway home)? Did I have something to pee into in my car? I know that sounds gross, but I was getting pretty desperate at this point. But how would I get out of my pants while driving? Too complicated.

I made it to my parents' house, but couldn't stand up straight to walk. I was seriously bent over on my rush to the bathroom. After I relieved myself I felt much better! I was surprised at how much came out. I mean, I had just gone. It was probably from all the swelling going down. Moral of the story? When a pregnant woman's gotta go, or even thinks she's gotta go, make sure she goes.

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