Monday, September 21, 2009


September 21, 2009
I threw up last week on the way to work (yet again). This was right before I got on the freeway, so I quickly got over a lane so I could get to the side of the road. There I spent about ten minutes dry heaving and vomiting bile before I felt better. Not fun. All I had for breakfast before that was about five bites of a bagel. Thankfully I had good aim on this one. I think it might have something to do with my prenatal pill. I'm switching to taking it at night (although I've skipped the past few days and I haven't thrown up!). Don't worry, I'll take one tonight.

Another thing I haven't mentioned yet is a condition called chloasma. This is when dark spots appear on the skin. I got a dark spot in the middle of my forehead about the fifth week of my pregnancy. It's still there, and calling some friends to come join it. I have another spot above my eyebrow. My mother came over one day and told me I had some dirt or something on my face. I tried to wipe it off, and realized it was part of my skin. It's supposed to disappear after delivery. Something about overactive hormones, which we all know my body doesn't react to very well.

I'm still not showing to those who don't know me, but sometimes the bump is more visible than at others. Usually I think it is larger at night. Something to do with gravity? Or bloating throughout the day? That would explain why I still have to pee ten times a night.

I have also been feeling a little movement! It feels like something lightly poking me from the inside. It usually happens when I am sitting (such as in the car), and there are loud noises (such as bass). Therefore, I feel the baby most often when I am driving. It seems to make itself known while in the car. Does that mean the baby will like being in the car? Or not? We shall see!

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