Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Car Vomit, Yuck!

September 9, 2009
I thought I had won the battle with morning sickness. I thought I had chased it off for good and it had decided never to show its ugly face again. Well, it's a little sneakier than I gave it credit for. It left me alone for a couple of weeks, making me start to feel secure again, and then it snuck up and grabbed me unexpectedly.

I threw up breakfast in the car on the way to work yesterday morning. Breakfast only consisted of a banana and something to drink (water, maybe?). I also took my prenatal pill in the morning. After eating that banana, I felt it coming, so I grabbed my handy dandy barf bag and heaved. Granted, I was in the fast lane on the freeway at the time, so I turned on my hazards and pulled over to the side of the road until I was done. I sealed my breakfast remains, and was quickly back on my way to work. Nice and neat. "This,"I thought, "is how morning sickness is supposed to be. I could have handled this all summer." There was no nausea involved, it was a nice and neat process. I thought at the time that the vomiting could be attributed to the prenatal pill, since those are also supposed to cause queasiness. Plus, my usual heavy breakfast of a bagel and cream cheese (healthy, I know), was unavailable. I thought I might also have some leg cramps later on, since I didn't get my banana dosage in, but I was ok for the day and evening.

This morning I decided to try a different approach. I skipped my pill (don't worry, I'll take it before bed), and made some toast with jelly. This should be similar to my bagels that I've been able to keep down for a while. Well, on my way to work there was no warning. Up it came, spilling out over the hand I had clasped around my lips, onto my seatbelt, my lap, my chair, the passenger seat, and the cupholder. I had a little bit of a break, and I yanked my barf bag out and continued into that. I took the nearest exit home, dangerously swerving the whole time as I continued to bring up breakfast. Why didn't I pull over? I was covered in it! I wanted out as soon as possible!

I got home, threw my bag away, and ran into the house to wash off my hand and face. I left the car door open to let it air out, and threw my clothes into the washer. After I felt a little better, I went back out and cleaned the car. Not fun to scrub off remains of toast and jelly from the interior of a car. I used cleaner, though, so now the car smells sanitary.

I have an appointment scheduled at my new facility this afternoon, so hopefully all is well. I was starting to get a little worried since it's been so long between appointments. Plus, someone told me a story of a friend of a friend losing her baby, and she was about the same time as me. Someone else told me I should be feeling the baby move already, and I'm not sure if I have or not. So those things rather worried me. Plus, I don't really see my stomach growing. I think the baby was talking back to me the past two mornings to let me know it is still in there, and not enjoying the food I was attempting to eat.

I will give an update after the appointment today!

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