Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Workout Videos

I have been very faithful in doing a morning workout.  Around six weeks postpartum I began doing short workouts.  I found a section in our cable titled "Ten Minute Workouts" and started with the Beginner series.  I did a few of the cardio dance routines and a couple of the yoga.  Although the cable lied.  None of those workouts were ten minutes.  They ranged from eight to twelve minutes each.  Maybe it's an average?  Plus, I'd be lying if I said I did the videos in their entirety.  Having a three year old and a newborn means lots of interruptions. 

Eventually I decided I was ready for more (when I wasn't winded after ten minutes of cardio).  I found a deal on a new program and ordered it online.  I started the HipHop Abs program over a month ago and every weekday morning have been faithfully doing one of the workouts in the video series.  It came with a calendar of when to do which video for the first thirty days.  I like programs that are scripted for me and this certainly seemed easy to follow. 

The first weeks were great.  The videos were about twenty to thirty minutes each, and I attempted to time my workouts for when Baby2 was taking her morning nap.  Once the video was done, I'd hop in the shower and get ready for the day (this meant two minutes after I got in the shower Baby2 would decide to wake up and scream and I'd frantically try to rinse soap off while Baby yelled at me, "Baby2 is crying Mommy!"). 

Then the third week hit and the calendar told me I was supposed to double up on some of the videos, taking my twenty minute workout to forty plus minutes.  Baby2 did not like this.  Lots of screaming ensued and I did not get a quiet shower if my workout was extended.  Thus, I quit following the program and decided to make my own and do whichever video I felt like doing in the morning.  

That's what I've been doing every weekday morning for the past couple of weeks,.  I'm sure it's not as effective as it's supposed to be, but at least I'm getting some workout in. 

While doing these workouts, I often wonder how much this guy is making off his series.  He has quite a few workout program choices, too.  It can't be too hard to make a workout video.  I've broken it into a few steps:

1)  Look good (ok, that's the tough part)

2) Come up with some catchy phrases for workout moves

3) Invite a couple of good looking friends to dance in the background

4) Have a bubbly personality that motivates people.

It might also help if you had some knowledge of how muscle systems work together and how to work specific parts of the body, but that knowledge can be easily faked.  It might also help if the workout moves you are using actually work, and if you could get a couple of testimonials to vouch for you (easy enough-pay some actors).  

I could totally do it.

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