Friday, July 1, 2011

Swim Lesson Number 1

(I know, for those of you who know me in real life, this blog post is a few weeks behind.  Oh well, use your imagination and time travel into the past.)

I signed Baby up for swim lessons to give us something to do over the summer and help her get used to water.  It's also an excuse for me to get into a pool since we don't know people whose pool we can frequent.

I was really nervous about starting the lessons.  I'm always self-conscious about what to wear and what to bring.  I ended up buying Baby two new bathing suits and returning one because I wasn't sure what type she should wear.  I had a few cute, girly ones, but I wanted one of those rashguard ones to help protect her skin (it's a water T-shirt with SPF 50).  The cutest one I found didn't have a bottom piece to go with it, so I matched one of her bottoms from another suit with it.  So now her "swimsuit" is a bright pink rashguard with little Hawaiian flowers in the corner and a pair of bright blue bathing suit shorts with large multicolored spots.

Then there was the problem of what I would wear.  I had a cute tank suit that a friend had given me last year.  The only problem was that I tried it on and it was way too big.  Like,  I couldn't even attempt to wear it because it was literally falling off of me (yay for shrinking!).  I pulled out a suit from a couple years ago that had been too tight before I had Baby, and besides a little extra cleavage (thank you, breastfeeding), it fit. 

We showed up a little early to the lesson and I had no idea where to go.  I walked in through the entrance and there was no greeter or lifeguards there to tell me where to go.  I was rather annoyed at the lack of instruction.  I saw quite a few parents waiting around and chanced to overhear a mom tell her son that we were waiting for the lifeguards to come out and call the names of their pupils.  I thanked her for explaining that.

The Parent/Child class was called and they didn't call Baby's name.  I went up and talked to the lady in charge and apparently I had signed up so late I wasn't yet on the list.  However, we still were able to go.

We got in the water and Baby clung to me the whole time.  The lifeguard told us that each day we would work on a new skill.  Today was going to be bobbing (holding the baby at arm's length and bobbing them up and down in the water) and blowing bubbles.  She said that most babies knew how to blow bubbles at this age.

Wait a second, I was supposed to have taught Baby how to blow bubbles by now?  When?  Oh, in the bathtub, of course.  In between the part where she was screaming and when she was climbing out of the tub.  Gotcha.

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