Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sick Baby

It is no fun having a sick baby.  She had been doing so well, too.  I think almost six months without anything major.  Then it hit.

Around 10:30 the other night Baby woke up vomiting.  Massively.  Tons of liquid, chunks, chunks of cheese she had eaten earlier in the day as a snack.  It was gross, to say the least, and it was all over her.  And the bed.  And when I picked her up, me. 

Together we jumped in the shower.  As I cleaned us off, Husband cleaned the bedding.  I hoped it was maybe a one time thing, but oh no.  I held her and rocked her in the living room for the next hour and a half and she ended up throwing up a few more times.  After each time I kept thinking it was over, that we could relax.  But no. 

I didn't want to stay up all night in the rocking chair, so I brought Baby to bed with me.  I covered where we were sleeping with towels and kept a stack right by the bed.  Baby was very consistent in throwing up every half hour to twenty minutes or so.  Then she would go back to sleep.  Just when I got comfortable enough to start to drift off to sleep, she would begin again and I would hold her and pat her back and try to make sure she got it in a towel.  Around five in the morning she started asking for juice, so I gave her a little liquid in hopes that she would keep it down.

Husband stayed home with her the next day and she threw up again in the morning, didn't eat all day, had some fluids when I got home, but then threw them all up again.  I tried to get her to drink pedialyte, but she would take a sip then turn away.  I even got the apple juice flavor, and I know she likes apple juice.  She did drink a little bit of water, though.   Since Husband said she hadn't thrown up all day, I hoped she was getting over it and it was just a twelve hour thing.  Nope, not for my baby girl.

Baby threw up again all over the couch and me and herself.  She went to bed with me again and she only threw up once during the night.  And again the next morning.  Then she slept.  And slept and slept.  I was hoping it was a healing sleep.   

During the day I guess she moved past the vomiting stage and decided to push things through her system instead.  Later in the afternoon she had diarrhea.  At one point, she started leaking through her diaper and it ran down her legs and onto the floor.  I grabbed her and stuck her on a towel until she was done, then threw her in the bathtub to rinse her off.  She was not happy about that. 

She was able to eat a little dinner (applesauce and avocado), and she didn't throw up before bed.  I take that as a good sign.  She is sleeping as I type.  Hopefully tomorrow she will return to normal and I can rid my  house of the lovely smells of vomit and poop.  Yuck! 

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  1. Poor girl...and Mommy and Daddy. Julia had the same thing 2 weeks ago. This too will pass.


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