Sunday, July 3, 2011

Swim Lessons Numbers 3-5

Lesson 3: 
Today all Baby wanted to do was jump from the ledge into my arms.  We were supposed to work on making arm circles in the water, but no way did she want to do that.  I tried to distract her from the ledge by moving away, bobbing her up and down, and encouraging her to do bubbles.  She did try drinking the water, which was at least a step in the right direction.  She would dip her head in the water and take a big gulp, then look at me and beam, thinking she was doing the correct thing.  I told her good job.

Lesson 4: 
Our last lesson of the week.  Baby finally got the swim position down; legs stretched out behind her, arms stretched in front.  I called it her Superman pose.  The instructor remarked that Baby was starting to feel comfortable in the water.  Yup.  She wasn't stuck to me like glue anymore. 

I think today we were supposed to work on floating, as well as putting together the bubbles, kicking, and arm circles.  Baby got the posing part right.  She attempted to kick a couple of times, but I think she scared herself when the water bobbed around her.  Therefore, we did more ledge jumping.  I'd let her jump into my arms, then wait until she did her Superman pose before I would let her jump again. 

Lesson 5:
There were multiple swim lessons going on at the same time, and each group was separated by the lane lines of the pool.  In the lane next to us were elementary age kids who were learning to swim.  Baby had been watching them closely for the past few days.

Today a kickboard had somehow come loose and was floating innocently in our lane.  Baby reached out for it, so I gave it to her.  She knew she was supposed to hang on, so she did.  It was really cool to see that she had been watching the other kids.  I felt so proud parading her up and down the lane as she held onto her little kickboard.

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