Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby Sign Number Four

It was Super Bowl Sunday, so Husband decided not to go to class.  He was really mad that it wasn't canceled in honor of the big game.  He was hoping he wouldn't be the only dad who ditched that day.  Baby and I went to Sign Class on our own.  It wasn't as good as last week, but she didn't have any total breakdowns.

Each week we go around the circle to discuss any progress our babies have made with signing.  Half the time I think the parents are lying.  (Is that terrible?  I figure, if Baby doesn't do it, and she's the oldest, then the others aren't as well).  Baby can do the light sign, and that's it.  For everything else, she still points.  Or screams.

This week we learned signs for getting dressed.  We learned hat, comb, shoes, socks, and coat.  We sang a few songs about getting dressed and played with the stuffed bear puppet that she uses.  The teacher brought out the parachute and this time Baby actually sat under it with the other babies instead of wanting to be on the outside with us.  The teacher also brought out bubbles, which Baby loved.  She stood right in front of the teacher and kept pointing at them.  The teacher tried to get her to do the sign for "more," but Baby ignored her and kept pointing.

During the class Baby did okay.  She didn't snatch from the other babies as much as before.  She did crawl all over the mom next to me, who said she didn't mind.  Then Baby sat in her lap for practically a whole song.  Her own daughter was sitting and playing nicely on the floor.  I wasn't sure what to do without a child in my lap, so I just did the signs with everyone else.  It was a little weird, and I'm not sure why Baby did that, and I have to admit I am a little jealous.  She never wants to sit on our laps.

Toward the end of the class, Baby got bored and wanted to wander outside the circle.  Each time I brought her back, she screamed in protest.  The teacher said she would be a good candidate for the advanced class where the babies learn emotion signs.  Then they can express themselves instead of screaming.  I was hoping that's what this class would be about, but apparently not so much.  I don't think we are going to sign up for the next class.  It's rather expensive and not worth what we paid.  Plus, I like not having plans on Sunday afternoons.

Oh, and Husband was the only dad who stayed home to watch the Super Bowl.  He's embarrassed to go back next week because he thinks he will look like the bad dad.   

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