Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby Sign Number Three

We are halfway done with our Baby Sign class.

Today was by far the best session yet.  It was the most interactive, engaging, and fun for babies and parents.   Husband and I both had a fun time, and Baby did too. 

The signs for this week were all about bath time.  We learned bath, bubbles, duck, frog, and water.

When we learned about the signs for bathtime, the teacher filled miniature bathtubs with a tiny bit of water and let the babies play with it.  Baby loved splashing the water with the other babies.  She was also drawn to the baby dolls, which I thought was interesting.  We don't have any "lifelike" baby dolls at home.

When we learned the sign for bubbles, the teacher blew bubbles for all the babies to look at.  Baby really enjoyed that.

We sang songs, played with the parachute, and interacted.  Overall, the class went by really quickly and we left on a positive note.  Hopefully the rest of the classes will be just as good.   

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