Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bulking Up

I bought Nestle's Instant Breakfast not too long ago because it is quick and easy to make, as well as easy to drink with one hand while the other holds Baby. It's like a breakfast shake. It has tons of vitamins in it. You just mix the powder with milk and enjoy. I like the chocolate flavor.

I like these drinks so much I've been drinking them at various times of the day. Before lunch, after dinner, whenever. I figure they have to be good for me because they have all these vitamins. Plus Baby should benefit from them too when she gets the nutrients from nursing.

Well, after dinner the other night Husband sees me make one and asks if I'm bulking up. Say what?

Husband kindly explained to me that I've been taking in a ton of extra calories by drinking these shakes. Similar to eating two meals at once.

So that explains where those extra three pounds came from! Oops.

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