Friday, May 14, 2010

Baby Speak

Baby has become a lot more vocal lately, and it is adorable. I love how she smiles and talks to us. Her "voice" consists of different vowel sounds. She will "aaahhhh," or "ah, ah, ah, ah" or "whoo". Now I know where goo-goo gaa-gaa came from; Baby says "goo" a lot. Sometimes she says her words softly, and other times she will shout them out with all her little might. She does some shrill screeching, too. I like to call her my little dolphin, because that's what she sounds like.

She loves to look at me and smile and talk. She acts so proud of herself when we hold little conversations. She also kicks her little legs and waves her little arms and gets so excited. She talks and smiles a lot to the ceiling, too, so I like to think she is looking up and communicating with angels. I would hate to think she is trying to communicate with the overhead lights.

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  1. It is so amazing when babies find their voices. I could listen to mine for hours. Just wait till she is forming those sounds into words and calling you mama. It's gonna melt your heart :o)


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