Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Childbirth Class #1

January 7, 2010
Husband and I had our first childbirth preparation class tonight. I don't think I was overall thrilled with it. Personally, yoga seems to be working out a little better for me. Granted, we've only had once class so I might change my mind. I do think it is beneficial for Husband, though.

We checked in and had a seat in a teeny tiny room full of about twelve other couples. We had brought pillows and a towel because that's what they said to bring beforehand, but there was no room, so she said we would not be using them until perhaps the third or fourth week.

Everyone went around the room and introduced themselves and said their due dates. I must have waited a while to take the class because our baby is due first. Woohoo, I win. The teacher introduced herself. She is a certified doula. That means she assists women in labor through coaching and encouragement. She is not there to take the partner's place, only to assist and offer her knowledge of attending many many births. She also has two children of her own, so she has been through childbirth herself. I like that she is able to give us anecdotes of births she has attended.

The rest of the class is rather vague in my memory. I was turned off when she started listing out things that we should go out and buy and I felt like she was pushing specific brands and degrading others. Well too bad, we bought the affordable items and I am sure they will work for us.

I like how she talked to the partners and instructed them that their job was to coach us and encourage us along. (Us being the women in labor). She had them practice massaging our backs and hands and also gave them nice phrases to say. That was about the only part I thought was helpful.

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