Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 35 Appointment

January 12, 2010
My week thirty-five appointment was today. I met Husband at the hospital and we went and registered at the counter. I got to go pee in the little urine cup again. This time was a little different, though. All of my previous appointments I had still been able to see what I was doing. Now my belly is so big that I had no idea where I was aiming. Needless to say, it was a little messy and I had to wash my hands with lots of soap afterwards. At least I eventually got it in the cup. I'm not looking forward to the urine sample at my next appointment.

Remember how we've always had to wait forever for the nurse to call me back? I came back from the bathroom and Husband told me they had already called my name twice. I was actually surprised that they were on time today. They called me again and I went back to step on the scale and get my blood pressure taken. Then I was led to the little room where I once again assured them I was safe and Husband was called back to join me.

The doctor wasn't too long in coming. She came and told me I was getting my Strep B test today. Strep B is a bacteria that everyone has in his or her gut (this is how the doctor explained it to me after I asked.). Some people also have the bacteria move down their digestive system and live there. If I have it, I could give an infection to my baby during childbirth. Thus, they take preventative measures and will hook me up to an IV of antibiotics if the test comes back positive. If it comes back negative, then I have nothing to worry about. To check me, I was swabbed in front and back. Lovely. I did not appreciate the back part. The front I am used to by now. The back, not so much.

Then she measured my stomach and I asked her what position the baby was in. She felt around and said the head felt like it was in the right spot, although she wasn't quite sure where the rest of it was since it was hard to feel. She said maybe the baby's back is against my spine. I hope she is correct that the baby is head down. Hopefully the baby will stay that way and come out comfortably during labor. Hopefully.

After that we scheduled my next appointment for February 4. Time is flying by!

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