Friday, January 1, 2010


January 1, 2010
I can't believe I will have a baby next month. My due date is about six weeks away! I will have a little creature to love and hold and change and cuddle. (Husband will too. Can't forget about him.)

I am getting lots of experience with getting up in the middle of the night. My bathroom trips have majorly increased. I think last night I got up about five times. It's not like a little trip, either. Baby and I together are producing a lot of fluid that needs to be flushed. It probably doesn't help that I am drinking a lot of water throughout the night to counteract the taste from my indigestion and that I'm just thirsty in general. Milk is still my favorite drink. No, let me rephrase that. Chocolate milk is my favorite drink. I bought a gallon of milk this morning, and I think I have about one or two more glasses left to drink of it before it is gone. I have been trying to drink more water. Really. It's just not appealing at all. Husband helps by bringing me glasses of water all the time, so then I have to drink them.

Baby has also been getting the hiccups a lot. At least once a day, and sometimes two or three times. It is usually in the evenings. I like when she gets the hiccups when I am around people, because then I can grab their hand and make them feel her. It's my proof that she is real, I suppose. No, I am not wearing a fake belly, feel.

She does move around all the time, but it's unpredictable, or just a little at a time. When somebody wants to feel her kick, of course she doesn't do it on cue and the person is left feeling a little disappointed. It's so much easier to count on hiccups. I make Husband feel her every time she is hiccuping. That way he gets to experience her too.

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