Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pregnant, Spoiled, and Loving It

October 4, 2009
Today husband convinced me to go to the mall for some maternity clothes. I had been dragging my heels in for a while on this now, but after going through all of my regular clothes and finding that nothing was fitting, it was time. Plus, I had been given some maternity items by generous girlfriends who had recently had kids, but none of the jeans fit me. Don't tell me I will grow into them. My thighs and butt are not going to grow five inches, I don't care what you say.

We went to a maternity store in the mall and were greeted by the saleslady. She congratulated me on my first pregnancy (one of the best parts of being pregnant is the attention!) and told me about the store. Up front they had the fancy designer clothes and in the back they had the more affordable clothes. She didn't say the actual word "affordable," but that's how I interpreted it. She then asked me where I normally shopped, so she could help me find clothing around that same type. I gave her a blank stare. I don't normally shop. Really. I go with other people who like to shop, but most of the items I own are actually hand me downs from friends or my stylish sister who loves to shop. Where the items come from I have no idea, but they work for me. I glanced at husband for help and he gave me nothing. I told the lady that I really don't shop and she gave me an incredulous look and proceeded to explain which stores correlate to which section a little more.

Husband went to sit down in the comfy chairs in front of the flat screen tv while I was whisked around the store. It was quite an experience, and I definitely gave my opinion. I was there for a pair of jeans. No, I don't like the distressed look. I want flare or boot cut, not the straight leg. My size? Um, small or medium, maybe? Well, apparently I am an extra small or smaller, so my choices were a little limited. I followed the lady as she wandered around the store pulling items out and laying them across her arms. She then passed them off to another saleslady who set up a dressing room for me and came back to relieve the first lady.

The second lady was really great. I need to find their website and write a compliment for her or something. I asked her to guess how far along I was and her guess was about ten weeks off. She was amazed at how far along I was and how small I remained. We then talked about ways to help show off my tummy and she introduced me to ruched shirts. Very cool. They are elastic at the sides so they hug the right curves. I definitely liked those, although once again everything they had was too large. I'm going to have to hunt some of those shirts in another store.

I then ventured into the dressing room where I tried on a bazillion pairs of jeans and a few shirts. The saleslady stayed by the door the whole time and we discussed every item, as well as showed them off to husband. I was also brought water to drink in the dressing room, how cool is that? Saleslady then had to leave and another came and helped me. I was able to try on "the belly" which is basically a velcro belly to strap on with the clothes to check if they will fit later on. Yes, they will.

I tried to get husband to take a picture of me with the belly on, but he refused. We will just have to wait and see if I actually do get that big! As luck would have it, none of the affordable jeans fit me. I guess I am just designer material. So I caved in and spent the most amount of money I have ever spent on a pair of jeans in my entire life, and probably the most I will ever spend on a pair of jeans ever, and they are maternity that I am only going to wear for a few months. But they are so cute and I am so happy with them and I swore husband to secrecy that he will never tell how much they cost because I do feel slightly guilty about the amount. So for those of you who see me during my pregnancy, yes, I will be wearing the same pair of jeans. But I will definitely look fabulous!

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