Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Husband's Turn

October 3, 2009
Husband was able to feel the baby move this morning! I woke up and could feel her moving around, so I made husband put his hand on my tummy. "Did you feel that?" I asked him. "Yeah," he said. He didn't seem too excited. I think I was more excited than him. I'd been waiting for him to be able to feel her for a while.

I'd been able to feel little pokes from the inside for a few weeks now, but they haven't been strong enough to feel from the outside. Plus, I wasn't even sure of what I was feeling. I didn't think they were anything else, but it wasn't the way that I had heard it described. People have described the movement as "eyelashes" or "soft butterflies inside your stomach." Oh no. I don't feel that at all. I feel small little pokes here and there. That's the only way I can think to describe it. It's like being poked softly from the inside of my tummy at various times and in various spots.

Now every time I feel her move I try to grab his hand so he can feel. She hasn't been moving around that much though, lately. Or if she does, she stops when we try to feel her from the outside. Shows you she already has a mind of her own (must take after her mother).

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