Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wasted Evening

October 16, 2009

Doctor appointments are a waste of time.

On this day, I met up with Husband to go to my appointment, as I usually do. Upon arrival we were informed that the doctor was running about a half an hour late. Well, we didn't have much choice, so we waited. I peed in my urine cup and hung out with Husband. This day also happened to be one of the days the flu shot was being offered. As we sat in the waiting room we overheard screaming, crying children whose parents were attempting to comfort them. We also sat across from a few teenage girls who were pregnant. I do believe they were still in high school. What is it with all these pregnant teens? One had a five or six year old with her already, and I think he was hers! I couldn't believe the way she spoke to him. Her friends were playing with him and every other sentence she said to him sent mixed messages and contained a curse word or two. No wonder our children are anxious and confused.

After about an hour of waiting, I was called in to the hallway. There I was weighed, where I discovered I weigh the most I have ever weighed in my whole entire life! Granted, I have a wonderful excuse, but the number just shocked me. Then I was led into the little office where my blood pressure was taken (normal). I asked if Husband could come join me, and they said they had to ask the usual safety questions first; Do I feel safe at home? Yes. Am I being abused? No. Do I feel like I am bringing my baby into an unsafe environment? No. Then husband came in and waited with me.

More waiting. We could hear the doctor talking next door, but it probably took her another half hour, at least, to come over to us. Finally, she came in and introduced herself. This was a doctor I had never seen before. She said she used to be the head of the Women's Health department, but stepped down to be closer to patients. She seemed very efficient and matter of fact, not scatter-brained like some of the other doctors I've met.

She put the goo on my tummy and we heard the heartbeat. Then she measured my stomach. I had never realized before how this was done. In my mind, the circumference of the stomach was measured. Nope. Apparently they measure from the pelvis to the belly button, or close to that. She did it so quickly and I didn't realize what she had done until after the appointment, or I would have asked what the measurement was.

I asked about signing up for classes, and she told me to go the Health Education Department for the information. She also talked about my Rh factor (my rare blood type) and the need for the RhoGam shot. She stated that normally every Rh negative pregnant woman (that's me!) would automatically get the shot to help protect the fetus; however, there is a worldwide shortage of the shot, so she asked Husband to get his blood tested to see if we were a match and maybe I wouldn't have to get it. I was very excited about this. I had to have my blood drawn multiple times and undergo weeks of vomiting. Now he could share in a part of it! Doctor drew up a lab request for us so we could go after the appointment. She also said she had openings on her patient list if I was interested. I was, despite the long waiting time for her, so I added myself to her patient list. Now I have an actual doctor assigned to me.

That was pretty much the whole appointment. Over an hour of waiting and five minutes with the actual doctor. What a waste of time. I can tell you if my baby is growing or not. Just watch my stomach. I can also weigh myself and measure my stomach. If I have questions, then I can just call. No need to waste an evening waiting around.

Next we went to the lab and Husband had his blood drawn. We got the results a few days later and he is O+. Definitely not a match. Guess I have to get the shot after all. Bummer.

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