Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All Day Sickness

June 21, 2009
Morning sickness has kicked in. Forget ginger ale. This morning, father's day, I threw up for the first time. Very yucky. I hate throw up, and I hate it when it comes out of me. I packed some Saltines in my purse and off to church we went.

After church we had planned a lunch with my family and I was worried it would make me sick. Surprisingly, it smelled delicious and tasted great, too. I felt ok during lunchtime.

After lunch we had agreed to pick up some friends from the airport. I was starting to feel queasy again. They semi-invited us to dinner with them, and to their disappointment we declined. We didn't want to tell them our news just yet. We are waiting to tell friends until after my next ultrasound when we make sure everything is ok.

Anyway, I went home and threw up. A lot.

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