Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Test Results

June 10, 2009
I am definitely getting a little chubbier, and this seems like more than just pre-period bloat. I mean, I'm having a hard time wearing my normal clothes. I guess it's all the Starbucks and soda I am drinking nonstop. I need to go on a diet. (I even told my friends the other day that I was going on a diet.)

Today is also the day before my husband's birthday. Wouldn't it be cool if I was pregnant and told him as his birthday present? I went to the store and bought some more tests. These are the early ones that can tell you up to five days before your missed period. I took a test and right away the little stick came up with two lines. OK, what does that mean again? It means PREGNANT!! I had to tell myself to breathe. I couldn't help smiling at myself in the mirror. I was going to be a mommy!

What was I supposed to do now? Oh yeah, the test said to call the doctor's office and schedule an appointment. I called the hospital and said something to the effect of ,"I just took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. I'm not sure what to do now." Apparantly that didn't sound right to the nurse on the phone, because she asked if I wanted to discuss my options. My options? I thought I got an appointment! After some clarification, we discussed how I was feeling (lots of cramps on one side), and decided it was best if I come in the next day to make sure it wasn't ectopic since I was having the cramps on only one side. Sure, I'll come in.

I had discussed with my husband how I wanted to break the news to all our family. I wanted to get everyone their own children's book to read to his or her new grandbaby/niece/nephew. Before my husband came home from work I found his favorite children's book and wrapped it up neatly. I stuck a little note to it telling him I hoped he could figure out what this meant. I couldn't wait for him to get home so I could give it to him.

He came home from work and I pounced on him with his gift. I told him since it was his birthday the next day, he had to open an early present the night before, like Christmas Eve. Since he could clearly see that I was excited, he agreed and I handed him the package. He opened it and I started crying (a symptom!). He told me Congratulations (although I was confused on this, I mean it's both of ours), and we hugged and talked. Then I told him the baby was already taking over his life because we had to go to the hospital on his birthday. We had originally planned to go to the city or an amusement park, but plans change.

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