Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More HcG Levels

June 15, 2009
I met my husband at his work for lunch and we talked about possible scenarios. I had been doing my research on HCG levels. They are supposed to double every 1-3 days. If I was 25 on Thursday, Sunday I should be somewhere around 200. We prayed that everything was going normally.

Later that afternoon I called to get my results. 8,886. They did a little more than double! The advice nurse told me I would have to talk to the doctor to get any answers to my questions, and she would leave her a message.

Of course, I Googled everything I could. I couldn't find anything on having low levels, then having high levels. There were mentions of having multiple babies if your HCG levels are very high. Twins?? That would be cool! Twins don't run on either side of the family, but it could totally happen. How would that work in our life? I'd always dreamed of having twins, but never thought it possible. Something else for me to worry about!

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