Friday, August 6, 2010

The State Fair

We took Baby to the State Fair this past weekend. I wasn't sure how she would do outside in the heat sun for so long, but we thought we would just take it easy and go from there.

She fell asleep in the car on the way, so we gently eased her from her carseat into her stroller. Surprisingly, she stayed asleep. I've learned the trick is to cover her so that she thinks it is dark out and therefore can't be distracted by things to look at. Sounds don't really matter. She's so used to hearing different background noises by now that she can pretty much tune it all out.

After strapping her in, I covered her stroller with a blanket and we wheeled her through security. They searched my diaper bag, and I was really surprised they didn't want to look under the blanket to make sure there was really a baby. I mean, I could have packed a fake diaper bag and then fit a bomb or something under the blanket. I guess Husband and I just don't fit the bomb-toting profile.

Baby did wake up and we took the blanket off to let her look around. She is so cute when she is in her stroller. She wants to sit up and stare at everything around her, all the while clutching her blankie with both hands and making a serious thinking face. Adorable.

We made a beeline for the animals, although I was getting distracted by the food. Hello, food! No, we did not try any deep-fried chocolate covered bacon this year. Instead Husband got a slushie and I had a yummy ice cream mocha (decaf of course) drink thing. While in line for my drink we got lots of compliments on how cute Baby was and what a great stage of life this is since she can't run around everywhere yet. I totally agree. The nice lady talking to us told us she would see us the next year.

We found a tent where people could milk a cow or a goat. The handlers were educating the audience on how to do it and mentioned that the animal could get mastitis if it wasn't done properly. I wanted to add in that breastfeeding moms can get it, too, but didn't feel it would be right to shout it out. Instead, I told Husband. He was not impressed.

After listening to the cow/goat spiel, Baby decided she wanted to have a blowout. Right in the middle of the animal tent. We had just arrived, so of course I should have expected it. Luckily I had an extra outfit with me. We pulled her stroller off to a semi-secluded spot and stripped her down. Husband and I had a pretty good system going with him handing me wipes and me handing him back dirty items to put in the trash bag. I was disappointed we had to change Baby so soon, though. I had dressed her in cute little overalls just for the fair. At least I got a few good pictures in before the event.

After that we took Baby around to all the animals and she got to pet a sheep and a few cows (don't worry, I washed her hands after the fact. No way was she going to contract some barnyard disease). We took her to the nursery as well and got to see all the baby animals. They were so cute and just her size.

She did really well all day. I found a secluded spot on the bleachers where it was nice and shady with a cool breeze to nurse her (although after I sat down, like ten other people did too. Hello, there was no show!). I think only one or two people figured out what I was doing, and soon left. Later that day we found a grassy spot to nurse her as well, although it wasn't as nice as the bleachers.

Baby was even able to take a nap during the fair. Husband was holding her as we walked around some of the art exhibits and she just conked out in his arms. He didn't even notice until I went to take a picture of them together and saw she was sleeping. We laid her down in her stroller and she took a nice little nap.

We also took her on the monorail. Husband and I were able to get our own section, so he sat across from me and we took turns holding her to look out over the fair. She loved it and was all smiles, so we got a few really cute pictures.

On the way out we viewed our pictures that we had been pestered to take earlier(you know the people with gigantic cameras around their necks right when you walk in through the gates). They were terrible and both Husband and I decided we were going on a diet. Plus, Baby was sleeping in her stroller at the time, so she wasn't even in them. Not worth buying. Next year should be interesting as she will (hopefully) be walking and wanting to run around.

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  1. Cool!! State fairs are so much fun! You can make it an annual family event :)


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