Tuesday, August 10, 2010


My poor little Baby has rugburn on her chunky little knees. She is so good at getting her knees up under her when she attempts to crawl, but every time they slip out from under her she adds a little bit more to it.

It doesn't seem to bother her. It just doesn't look very pretty. I mean, it looks like rugburn. If you don't know what that looks like, feel free to crawl around on the rug and have your knees slip out from under you thirty times or so. It actually gets pretty painful, I think, but Baby is oblivious. She is just so excited that she is up on her knees and that she can chase the cats around (usually she will do her walrus walk up to them, then right when she is in arm's reach they will run away, leaving her with a forlorn, wistful expression as she gazes after them).

It's summer time, so I've been dressing her in shorts, skirts, sundresses(have I mentioned I love having a baby girl? Summer dresses are the cutest things!), and the like. Her knees are always exposed so they are taking a beating. If I put her in pants, she will be too hot, and I don't want her overheating. I don't really feel like having a stranger come up to me to tell me that I should not be dressing my daughter in pants in three-digit weather (what, you don't think they would do that? Ask anyone with kids, people will put in their two cents wherever you go). Not a conversation I want to have.

I thought about baby knee pads, but haven't seen those around. Maybe I can invent them and make a killing. Anyone want to invest? I can color coordinate.

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  1. i have some leggings that help babies crawl and protect their knees. i will bring it to you.


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