Monday, October 7, 2013

The Window

I've slowly been learned Flower's personality and figuring her out.  She's a pretty happy, easy-going baby.  She loves to smile and make silly faces.  She did a face once where she scrunched up her nose, pursed her lips, and breathed in and out quickly.  We thought it was hilarious, so she continues to do it to make us laugh.  Of course we have to make the face right back at her.  She's so fun.

She also likes to sleep a lot.  I seriously don't remember Princess sleeping this much.  I've semi-mapped out Flower's sleeping habits.  She wakes up around seven am (unless Princess wakes her up earlier.  I usually have to fend her off every morning).  She will then have a window of about one and a half to two hours of happy awake time.  Then she will take a morning nap from nine to ten thirty or eleven.  She will wake up for a bit, then take an afternoon nap from one to three (give or take).  Wake up for a bit, then take a short evening nap around five.   She will usually wake up when Husband gets home and we eat dinner, around six.  Then she will take a bath and go to bed at eight.  She will wake up a few times at night to eat, then repeat the cycle.

Occasionally she will switch her schedule around a bit and be awake for a longer period of time.  This happens if we are out and about and she is curious as to what we are doing.  Then she might end up taking a longer nap later to make up for it.

I call her awake periods her window.  That's when we can plan to do things.  If we pass her window of awake time she gets very cranky and just wants to be put down to go to sleep.  If I pay attention to her sleepy cues (rubbing her eyes, burying her face in my shirt), then she remains a very happy baby.      

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