Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Becoming a Hoarder

I don't like clutter.  I don't like "things" everywhere.  I'm not one to collect knick knacks or souvenirs or have a special collection of some sort.  Yes, I'm totally boring.  Husband is the exact opposite, so you could say we even each other out.  Or we compensate for the other.  Ha.  I like things nice and tidy.  I thrive on organization.  My bedroom when I was younger was always spotless, neat and tidy.  I would go over to my best friend's house and clean and organize her room.  Or my sister's room.  It made me happy to put things away.   If my house is a mess I feel out of sorts and can't function until I sort through a few things (lately, it's just laundry.  But as long as things are put in a closet or a pretty box, I'm ok for now). 

With my appliance addiction, I've acquired a new addition (look at that alliteration, y'all).  It's a sewing machine!  I'm so excited.  Husband found a great deal and I convinced him to buy it for me now instead of waiting until Christmas.  The possibilities are endless.  Already I've attempted baby items and clothing for Princess's dolly.

However, my newest addition requires "things" to go with it.  Like fabric.  You know, to sew.  Seeing as how I'm cheap, I went into my garage, grabbed the bags of clothes we were going to donate, and tada I have a huge fabric collection (sorry donation place.  Maybe next time).  Right now the bags are piled in Flower's room, which I rearranged to fit a table with the sewing maching and all my other craftiness items.  It's a mess and it's driving me crazy.

Here's where the hoarding part comes in.  I can't get rid of anything now.  What if I could use it to create a super cute outfit for Princess?  Or her dolly?  I NEED these old shirts and buttons and elastic from this old bedsheet.  I could make something!  Seriously.  I think I'm going to become a hoarder.

Disclaimer:  I realize hoarding is a real thing.  This post was done in jest.  Please don't take offense or attempt to "educate" me.       

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