Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Princess started preschool a few weeks ago.

It was a big debate in the beginning (between Husband and I).  Should she go, would it be worth it, could we afford it, couldn't I just homeschool, what about socialization, etc, etc.

We decided yes she should go.  Maybe not should.  Could.  Yes, she could go.  It's not something we are forcing her into.  She is so excited to go and play in a different environment, with other children.  I think she was so used to going to daycare every day that preschool has helped with her yearning to go somewhere else with other children around her own age.

She goes two days a week for three hours each time.  I drop her off, piddle away the time for a couple of hours, then go pick her up.

It's always fun trying to pull out of her what she has done that day.  I know they usually sing songs, she plays with the toys and other kids there, they might do some type of story (at least in their newsletter it says they do, she never remembers if there is a story), a craft, and a snack.  Princess's favorite part of preschool is the snack.  She always remembers what the snack for the day was.

Later she will come to me and ask me to sing one of the songs they sang.  I'm pretty proud of myself for using my YoutTube skills and three year old interpretation skills and I can usually find the song they sang in class.  Princess is pretty good about telling me if I have found the correct song or not.

I like that Princess is able to go to a different environment to play and learn.  The teachers are extremely nice and patient, and I feel that she is well taken care of when I leave.  There are only five girls in her class of fifteen students, which was surprising to me.  That just means all the girls tend to play together. 

One of the perks of preschool that I was looking forward to was meeting other moms.  And I have!  I've had actual conversations with a few of them and even exchanged numbers with one (granted, I haven't actually called or texted her or vice versa, but to me exchanging numbers means I made a friend).

We have Open House next week where we get to see what she has been doing in class and talk with the teachers.  I'm very excited to be on the other end of this game.  

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