Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Latest Trick

Baby is a little climber.  She is also innovative, determined, stubborn, opinionated, and the cutest little thing you will ever see.  Yes, I'm a proud Mama.

Baby's latest trick is actually quite the accomplishment.  

We have an island in the center of our kitchen with an attached breakfast bar.  Underneath the breakfast bar are tucked three high barstools.  Baby discovered that she can move the barstools and push them around the kitchen.  They slide quite nicely on the hardwood floor.  (I really hope she isn't scratching up the floor, but so far I haven't noticed any  marks).

Yesterday she noticed that there are wooden bars at different levels on the sides of the barstools.  Can you guess where I am going with this?  Baby figured out how to climb up the barstool and sit on top of it.  She pushes it out from under the breakfast bar into the center of the kitchen.  There she will precariously step up the sides of the stools while gripping the seat part (there are no backs to these, they are just your regular circle barstools), she will get her stomach onto the seat, then carefully get her knees underneath her.  Eventually she will work her legs around until she is sitting on her bottom, swinging her legs.  Right in the middle of the kitchen.  When she's done, she carefully climbs down by reversing the process, then pushes the stool back to where it goes. 

She gives her Mommy and Daddy heart palpitations.

Oh, and today she fell off one of our kitchen chairs, which just happens to be much lower to the ground and has a back.  Go figure.


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