Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Umbrella Stroller

I think my stroller collection is now complete.  Earlier I complained that I didn't have the right types of strollers for all occasions.  I started off with my travel system stroller, great for leisurely walks.  Then I added in my jogging stroller, which doesn't catch and lets me go fast.  The most recent addition is my little umbrella stroller.  Now I don't hit things when I walk around stores in the mall!

Baby likes it too, although there are no spaces for drinks or bags.  I suppose that is the point, though.  It's supposed to be small and compact. The other complaint that I have is that the handles are so low.  I have to bend a little to push it.  Husband has to bend a lot more.  I need to see if I can buy some handle extensions or something.  I'm sure they make those somewhere.  If not, patent here I come. 

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