Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's the weight limit of a dishwasher?

Baby is so cute when she watches me do chores.  She wants to do what I do and take over for me.  When I do dishes, she will come and take dishes out of the dishwasher, then put them back in.  I have to be strategic about where I place the glass items if I don't want her to take them.  I also take out the silverware holder and load that separately.  I'll sneak it in at the very end right before I close the dishwasher door.

Today I was doing dishes and Baby was "helping" as usual.  However, this time she discovered that the height of the dishwasher door when it is open is just perfect for her to sit on.  Then climb on.  Pretty soon she was in the middle of the open door.  I contemplated letting her stay, since she was happy and playing (you never want to interrupt a happy and playing child.  It's like the let sleeping babies lie rule), but figured Husband would be angry if he came home to a broken dishwasher door.

What's the weight limit on those things anyway?

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  1. My little guy did this about a month ago! I grabbed the camera and had to take a few pictures before taking him down though. He b-lines for the fridge and dishwasher whenever we open them, he especially loves pulling out the plates and silverware...one...at...a...time! Hopefully this emptying the dishwasher obsession will last through the teenage years. How nice would that be? I have to admit as cute as it is to have little guy helping, I've started emptying the dishwasher while he eats so the task doesn't take forever :)


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