Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby Dolls

We need to get Baby her own baby doll. I'm thinking her stuffed bears and glow worm are not going to suffice much longer. 

It's funny, I never thought much about gender specific items.  Husband and I are not too into buying Baby toys (okay, he is, but they are more "boy-ish" toys, such as cars, animals, etc.).  Since I'm cheap and into "natural learning" (I just made that phrase up, but you get the idea!), I haven't bought her any toys.  Don't worry, she has plenty that other people have given her for Christmas, birthday, etc. 

Well, lately we noticed that Baby is drawn towards other babies (real and not real).  She points at them and talks to them.  The toy ones that she can pick up she gives kisses to and sits them on chairs.  She tries to feed them and walks around cradling them.  The other Sunday we noticed her in the nursery playing with a baby doll and putting it to bed in a crib.  Husband and I looked at each other and said, "We need to get her a baby doll."   

I wonder if this is a gender specific thing since she is a girl, or if this is something that all children go through, when they want to imitate those around them and start internalizing what goes on in their lives. 

Anyway, baby dolls here we come.


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