Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Big Question

"Are you going to have a third?"

That's the big question we are often asked.  It's a  pretty serious question.  Going from two to three children is huge.  I mean, no more driving around in my compact Corolla.  Three carseats would not fit in the back of that.

I would always be one hand short to hold hands with my children.  You know, two hands, a child on each side.  Add a third and the balance is off.

Goodbye family fourpacks of tickets that are always given out as prizes.  Not that I win them, but if I did.  How would we decide who stays home?

Not to mention the trips to Disney.  With two children, everyone gets a buddy to ride on an attraction with.

Family board games?  We are set.  Four sides to a board, one person per side.    

Four bedroom house, everyone has their own room and Husband gets his office.  No need to worry about sharing a room.  Everyone has their own space.

I can clear out the toys, get rid of the clothes that are too small.  Goodbye piles of baby gear.  No need to save you.  We are moving on.

Seriously, Husband and I thought about it for a hot second.  It would mean a lot of changes.  I am not an easy pregnant person (see previous blogs for lovely stories of vomiting for weeks and weeks on end).  Do I really want to go through that again?  Do we really want to start over and grow another human being?   Would I be able to divide myself even more to take care of another little person?

Ultimately, we decided no.  We are done.  Two is perfect.  Life is fantastic.

But then that hot second came back to haunt us.

Baby number three will be arriving in May of next year.

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