Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lies and Deception

I have a very strong willed almost five year old.  She's my Princess.  She is very independent and has a mind of her own.  If she wants something, she will let you know.  If she doesn't want something, she will let you know that as well.  She's great at negotiating, not so great at accepting defeat.

Honestly, parenting her is new territory for me.  I have no idea what I am doing with her.  For some reason she wants to be her own little person and not do everything I want her to do.  But I'm the Mom!  (Imagine foot stomping and adult tantrum). 

A few days ago Flower (the 1.5 year old) was playing with one of my favorite toys that we own.  It's a little piano with a microphone.  It plays nursery rhymes and you can sing along into the microphone.  It's so much fun!  Both Princess and Flower love it.  Whenever one of them gets that toy out, the other one usually stops what she is doing to go and investigate and try to join in.

Anyway, Flower was playing with the toy and Princess came over to check it out.  Eventually Princess ended up taking over.  Princess was playing with it and asked me if she could cut off the microphone.  Apparently she "didn't like it."  Of course I told her no.  It's an electronic device and cutting off the microphone would break it.

She asked me again a few more times and I repeatedly told her no.

The other day she wanted scissors to practice cutting paper.  I made sure she had approved paper to cut, talked to her about only cutting paper that Mommy said was ok, and that was that.

Or so I thought.  (You can guess where I'm going with this.)

Fast forward to today. We were cleaning Princess's room when I discovered she had hidden the piano in there.  Guess what was neatly sliced off?  Yup, the microphone.  I couldn't believe it.  I had specifically told her no.  She had lied to me about what she was cutting.  She had been sneaky in taking the piano to her room.   

I'm feeling betrayed right now.  I'm waiting for Husband to come home so we can come up with an appropriate consequence.   

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