Monday, February 1, 2010

The Countdown Begins

February 1, 2010
The countdown has begun. Only thirteen more days until my due date! Granted, I think that I will be later than that, but I could be totally wrong. I don't believe I have really felt any contractions and the baby still seems really high to me.

I've been tired lately, but I think that may be due in part to my super busy schedule of working all day and doing meetings in the afternoons, then appointments at night as well as working Saturdays to make sure I finish a few things up for work before I leave. Plus, I have started to get up a little more frequently throughout the night to use the restroom, then I have a hard time getting comfortable to get back to sleep.

I've also been taking extra pills. I take my regular prenatal vitamin pill, my DHA prenatal pill, an extra iron pill, and a vitamin C pill. The childbirth teacher told us that vitamin C helps the skin stretch. This is good for a growing belly and so I don't tear down there during birth. I'm definitely taking that one! The iron one was because I am slightly anemic, so this should balance me out. It upsets my digestion, but not as bad as I thought it would. I'm not as constipated as some people and seem to be on a regular schedule, although when my body telle me I gotta go, that means I gotta go now.

I am able to wear a bra again. That has been nice. It's been a pain hiding under multiple layers of clothing and scarves. My ribs only hurt now if I am sitting too long. Standing and walking around help.

Only a couple more weeks to go and I will be a mommy!

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