Monday, January 19, 2015

Going Into Kindergarten: What I Want

My oldest daughter is starting kindergarten this upcoming fall.  I am actually excited for her to go.  She loves being around other children her age.  She enjoys a stimulating environment where she can grow and learn.  I know she will have a blast making new friends, enjoy learning a new routine, and going to a "big girl" school.  

I am pretty sure that wherever she goes will be fine.  However, I want a school that will be more than just "fine."  I want a school that will challenge her.  One that will excite her.  One that she will be proud to go to and I will be proud to tell other parents where she goes.  I want a school known for excellence, for having students with great critical thinking skills who aren't afraid of a challenge.    

I want an organized classroom with clear expectations for students.  I want the classroom to have explicit, basic routines that every child can easily explain and follow.  I want my daughter to have a feeling of belonging in the classroom, a sense of purpose and contentment.      

I want my daughter to have a teacher that is innovative and understands how children learn.  I want my daughter's teacher to listen to her and respond appropriately.  I want her to have a good relationship with her teacher so that she can ask questions and master concepts before moving on to the next.  I want her to come home and be bursting to tell me all of the things she learned that day.  I want her to be excited for upcoming projects and activities.  I want my daughter's teacher to plan lessons that are engaging and involve music, art, movement, and everything else that my daughter might consider fun.   I want an open classroom where I can observe my daughter learning at anytime.  I want to feel welcomed by the teacher and part of the learning process.

I want a safe school environment where rules are enforced and students are kind to one another.  I want parents to know what their children are doing at school.  I want to know the other families that are at the school.  I want to know that if there is an issue with my daughter and another child, that I will be notified and the situation rectified fairly and efficiently.  I want my daughter to feel comfortable with the other children and teachers and staff in charge.  I want teachers and staff to be approachable, yet maintain their authority.  I want the school to be fearless in trying new techniques, but to stick to something long enough to test its efficacy.         

I want the teachers of the school to have a collaborative environment, where they have affable relationships and are proud of the place they work and the jobs they do.  I want them to be constantly learning and tweaking and refining their practice to make their school the best possible school it can be.  

I want the best for my daughter.  Is that too much to ask? 


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