Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The other day I had the pantry door open while I was doing who knows what in the kitchen.  Baby saw an opportunity and went to investigate what was inside.  She pulled out our Swiffer and started to sweep the kitchen floor.  She held it properly, too.  Then she realized something was missing, so she went back into the pantry and pulled out the pack of Swiffer thingies that you put on the bottom of it (I don't remember what they are called).

She spent a while trying to figure out how to open it (I wasn't going to show her, I wanted to see what she would do.  Plus, they have chemicals on them and didn't really want her to get that close to the chemicals).  She couldn't figure out how to open it, so she settled for placing it on the floor, hitting it with the bottom of the Swiffer, then walking the Swiffer around the kitchen.

I was so proud.  If my child is exhibiting that kind of behavior, it means she watched and learned it from somewhere, right?  I like to think that she learned it from watching her mommy.  I clean my floors.  Sometimes.   

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